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  3. Welcome to the official website of the Zibo Mingxin Chemical Co., Ltd.!!!   Hotline:


    Acrylamide 98% MIN( Microbiological Grade)

    Polyacrylamide (PAM)

    Chemicals and auxiliaries
    for foundry

    PVC composite stabilizer and catalyst
    Acrylamide Solution(Microbiological Grade) Acrylamide 98%(Microbiological Grade)
    Cationic Polyacrylamide Anionic Polyacrylamide Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide
    Chemicals for Foundry
    Self-Setting Furan Resin Sulfonic Acid Hardener Thermoplastic Furan Resin Self-Setting Alkaline Phenolic Resin
    Other products
    PVC composite stabilizer and catalyst Furfuryl Alcohol Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol 2-Methylfuran Aldehyde hydrogenation copper-based catalyst

    Zibo Mingxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located at Fengshui Town of Zibo City in Shandong  Province. It is a private enterprise founded in 2006, with the registered capital of CNY 60 million. Our main product are acrylamide series producst, with annual output of 40,000 tons of Acrylamide and 20,000 tons of Polyacrylamide. The company assets is more than CNY 200 million, and annual sales of CNY 500 million until 2016...

    Factory Appearance

    Staffs Mien

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